The Bound for South Australia website has been a team effort.

History Trust of South Australia, an agency of the Government of South Australia, initiated this project as part of its commemoration of the 175th anniversary of the establishment of South Australia in 2011.  The project has been undertaken as a collaboration with the South Australian Department of Education and Children’s Services (DECS).

Project Team

CEO, History Trust of South Australia: Margaret Anderson

Technical Developer: Peter Lugg, PixelPress

Curatorial Team Education Team
John Davis, History Trust of South Australia Colleen DeCeukelaire, DECS
Tom Gara Mandi Dimitriadis, DECS
Jude Elton
Jonathan Hull, History Trust of South Australia
Kevin Jones, SA Maritime Museum
Kristy Kokegei, History Trust of South Australia
Mandy Paul, History Trust of South Australia
Tony Rogers, BOM History Unit
Allison Russell, History Trust of South Australia
Bob Sexton
Kate Walsh

With thanks to:

Many organisations and individuals have been generous in making available information and in some cases images that have been used in this website.

We would like to acknowledge:

Bay Discovery Centre, Glenelg

National Library of Australia

National Maritime Museum, UK

National Maritime Museum, Cornwall, UK

Port Pirie Tourism and Regional Arts Centre

State Library of New South Wales

State Library of South Australia

State Library of Western Australia

Dorothy Heinrich

Beth Walton, Australian Meteorological Association

Image credits

Image used in page banner is courtesy of the National Library of Australia.  It has been taken from the work The barque Africaine in the Indian Ocean, 1836, by John Michael Skipper (1815-1883).  Digital version

All other image credits are within the image captions.

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