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Week 02 - Belief Systems

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We catch up with Captain Morgan and the Duke of York again this week. He has a lot on his mind. He is worried about his wife back in England who is about to have a baby and he’s about to sail the ship through a ferocious storm. Captain Morgan’s religious beliefs and values help guide him through these tough times. Let’s have a closer look at the things that are important to Captain Morgan.

Visit the Wordle site and make your own wordle using new words, key words or interesting words related to this week’s entry.

Inquiry Questions:

 What evidence do we see of Captain Morgan’s religious practices?

 What values and beliefs do we see evidence of onboard the Duke of York?

Research Topics:

How did people demonstrate their religious beliefs in 1836?

What were the common religions practiced in England in 1836?

How does this compare to religious practices in other countries at the time?

Historical Skills:

Chronology, terms and concepts Explore the concepts of belief systems, values, religion.
Historical Questions and research Identify and locate resources relevant to the world’s religions using search engines, catalogues, indexes etc.
Analysis and use of sources Use the primary sources to extract evidence of Captain Morgan’s beliefs, values and feelings.
Perspectives and interpretations How do Captain Morgan’s beliefs affect his actions and his diary entries?
Explanation and communication Use ICT to present research on religions of the world.

Activity Suggestions:

1. 1836 is a leap year. Why do we have leap years and how do they impact on our calendars?

2. Think about your own values and beliefs. Make a mindmap to show the things that are most important to you and your family.

3. Start a class glossary or dictionary of interesting and new words as the journey progresses. 

4. Set up a display table showing a variety of items /objects from several religions or belief systems.. Ask students to select an item and research the religion it represents. Students work with a partner and develop a Venn diagram to compare the two religions.

5. What is a fathom? Make ‘fathom’ length streamers or strings and use them to measure objects in your school.

What if?

What if Captain Morgan was not religious? How would he explain and cope with his worries?

What do you think?

 Do some research and form your own opinion:-

Captain Morgan’s beliefs are typical of other people in 1836?

Stay Tuned

Next week Captain Morgan is busy writing letters and waiting to receive mail of his own. Who is he corresponding with and how can he post letters when he is at sea?


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