The Emma was built as a 160 ton brig at Newcastle-on-Tyne in 1824 and was first owned by John Pirie and Company. Pirie was a London ship owner, a merchant and an alderman. Over the years the vessel traded between Britain and the West Indies and South America.

The Emma was only a small vessel, 23.5 metres in length and 6.6 metres in beam. Its role was to carry additional stores and particularly stock including bulls from Britain and cows from the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. The animals were accommodated on a temporary deck made by laying planking over a series of beams that spanned the hold to reinforce the hull.


Carrying capacity 190 tons

Length 23.5 metres (77 feet 1 ½ inches), beam 6.7 metres (21 feet 10 inches), depth in the hold 4.1 metres (11 feet 1 inch)

Built in Newcastle-on-Tyne, County Northumberland in 1824

Rigged as a brig.

-Information compiled by Bob Sexton.

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