The Powell family

Five members of the Powell family sailed to South Australia in 1836. Charles Powell, his wife and child, his brother James and sister Mary Ann all sailed on the John Pirie, while another seemingly unrelated Charles Bendin Powell sailed on the Duke of York (Charles Bendin Powell was born in 1810 and listed upon emigration as a 25 year old gardener and dairyman from Wick Lane, Hackney). We know from Captain Martin’s letters and the South Australian Company records that Charles Powell was originally booked to sail with Charles Bendin on the Duke of York, but changed at the last minute to join his brother James and sister Mary Ann on the John Pirie. The Powell siblings came from Hackney, Middlesex. Charles and James seem to have created a positive impression on the John Pirie, willingly helping with ship board tasks. This summary will be updated as the journey progresses or as more information comes to hand.

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