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Week 14 - steady progress

[ 22nd of May 1836 to 28th of May 1836 ]
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[ View related 'school content': Week 14 - steady progress ]

All six ships are making steady progress, sailing south in the Atlantic. The weather is fine and conditions pleasant, but relations on board the John Pirie and the Cygnet are tense. On the John Pirie the First officer directly coming under the command of the captain. Ships' Mates were responsible for supervising watches, crew, navigation and safety equipment, and sometimes even served as the ship's doctor. first mate and the ship’s carpenter come to blows over a seemingly trivial matter – the supply of nails, but it seems there is a history of discontent with the carpenter. On the Cygnet meanwhile George Strickland Kingston and Captain Lipson have yet another argument. Both seem to be fairly quick tempered.

Image of a ship's chronometer housed in its wooden box

Ship's chronometer, c.1907. South Australian Maritime Museum collection.

There is high drama on board the John Pirie and a tragedy is only narrowly averted.

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