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Week 09 Shipwrecks

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The United Nations estimates that there are more than 3 million shipwrecks in the world. The reasons ships become wrecked are varied, including poor weather, low visibility, navigation errors, underwater obstacles, mechanical problems, ship maintenance issues, poor design, improperly stored cargo, warfare, piracy, mutiny, sabotage and fire. Imagine the emotions onboard a vessel before it is ‘committed to the sea’.

This week the John Pirie discovers the remains of a shipwreck.  We read how Captain Martin salvages a spar from the wreckage but leaves the rest behind because there is no room left on his decks. This week we take a closer look at this vivid reminder of the dangers and risks involved in journeys at sea.


Artist representation of the ship John Pirie

Representation of the ship John Pirie by the artist John Ford. South Australian Maritime Museum collection

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