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We welcome and encourage your active participation in the Bound for South Australia website.  You can add comments, share information and join in discussions about the people and the experiences that they have on board. While there is much rich material about these voyages such as the journals, artworks, photographs and artefacts we show on this site, there are still many things we don’t know and can still explore and discover.  We look forward to hearing from you if you can tell us more about the people, ships and their journey to South Australia. We are also interested in your thoughts and feelings about what it must have like to have been on board one of the nine ships as they made their way more than 10 000 miles (16 000 kilometres)  across the seas.  It is very simple to add a comment on one of the pages.  You can try it below!

Join the crew and stay in touch with developments on board by following @bound4 SA on Twitter or by signing up for one of our weekly email services- one for general interest readers and one specifically for educators (sign up box is at right).  These emails will give you highlights of the week ahead on board and an easy reminder to stay in touch with our travellers.  Or simply bookmark this page and make regular visits, or sign up for updates by RSS.

We welcome you aboard and hope you will share the journey and join the conversation over the coming months as we relive ‘the journey of a lifetime’.

For questions about the site you can contact us by email directly from this site or to bound4SA@history.sa.gov.au

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