Chronology of events

This is a chronology of events leading up to the establishment of the province of South Australia.  It covers the period from 1829 up to the departure of the first ships in February 1836.

1829–   Publication of A Letter from Sydney by Edward Gibbon Wakefield.

1830–   Explorer Charles Sturt reaches the Murray Mouth.

First public meeting of the National Colonization Society in London.

1831–    The National Colonization Society, chaired by Colonel Robert Torrens submits a plan to the Colonial Secretary titled: Proposal to His Majesty’s Government for founding a colony on the Southern Coast of Australia.

1832–    National Colonization Society’s proposal to establish a South Australian Land Company is rejected by the Colonial Office.

1833–    Robert Gouger establishes a new society, the South Australian Association.

1834- A bill, known as the South Australia Colonization Act is introduced into the British House of Commons.

The South Australia Act is passed by the Parliament.

1835- First land is offered for sale.  The South Australia Company is established.

1836–     (February 19)  The Letters Patent are issued by King William IV, declaring that South Australia is to be occupied as a province under the British Crown and defining the boundaries of the new province.

(February 22) The John Pirie is the first ship of the nine ships to depart for South Australia.

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