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Week 42: Numeracy Onboard

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Over the past eight months we have read many journal entries, diaries and letters describing the experiences, thoughts, ideas and feelings of those onboard the nine ships. We have followed the authors as they navigate ships, measure distances, organise daily life and make decisions. We have read many examples of the important place numeracy skills and understandings had on these voyages and in the early development of the colony. We can also examine the way numeracy has been used in these 1836 experiences and compare this to the types of numerical thinking  we do now. This week we will look closely at some primary sources and think about the role of numeracy in the lives of those onboard the ships in our story.

Scene: 56 the first bum boat boarding the bolton
56 the first bum boat boarding the bolton, Edward Snell, 1849.

Inquiry Questions: