Saturday 21 May 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

We have contd to enjoy a fine Breeze, since Tuesday,
varying from S,S,E to South, and at 8, O’Clock,
last Night, cross’d the Equinoctial Line, in about
18E30′, West Long, and without any of us undergoing
the Shaving operation, but instead of which, the People
got each a Glass of Grog, this Afternoon   _______
At 6, P,M, Saml Nevil, and Joseph Jones, commenced
a quarrel, (concerning some Leaves of Tea, that Jones
was collecting for his brother James, who has been
unwell, ever since we left Dartmouth) and after
giving each other, a few ugly Thumps, were separated
by the Captain, and Mates, threatening to put them
in Irons, if they would not immediately desist,
this settled the business, and I am happy to say, that
neither of the Hero’s appear injured, except that Nevil
has recd a black Eye    __________

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