Sunday 5 June 1836

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This 24 hours moderate breeses from the NWd
all drawing sail set steering SE
Lattitude Obsd 33.7 S Longitude the meridian of Greenwich
In the morning in private read the psalms for
the day morning with prayer in the forenoon in the
cabin went through the church service and read
a surmon from Dr Walton Luke 6th chapt 46th 49th verce
I felt it a solemn and profitable time to my soul
and hope others did allso being on the meridian we
worshiped at the same time God people at home
did worship the great congregations a privalage
we may not have again on earth or sea God only
knows but in the house not made with hands in
the heavens we hope to meet again and see Christ
as he is in glory being changed into the same image
from glory to glory by the power whereby he subdues all
things to himself in the afternoon instructed the boys
in the everning most of the people attended in the
cabin on deck we where full we sung an hymn read
the 5th chapt St Johns epistle with Dr Walton surmon
from 3d verce Mr Richards exhorted lively surmon
it was not him that spoke but the sperit of God
within him we sung four hymns the last was my
favourite 46th The morning flowers display thier
sweets I belive the Lord will work a work in the
hearts of the crew he has I belive given us two Souls

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