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Briefly about the Adelaide Plains:

The Adelaide plains is the area of land between the Mount Lofty Ranges and Gulf St. Vincent. In 1836 this area was viewed favourably by Colonel William Light as a possible area to create the South Australian colony’s main settlement. This was due to the regions relatively high rainfall, and the numerous rivers and creeks [...]

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Week 32 – Visions of the future

The maritime portion of South Australia from surveys of Captn. Flinders and Col. Light, Survr Genl.

In South Australia In Kingscote Samuel Stephens takes advantage of the John Pirie sailing to Hobart to write to George Fife Angas, enclosing a copy of his private journal. The tone of this letter is somewhat defensive.  Stephens stresses that he has ‘had a great deal to contend with’, and admits that he may well [...]

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Week 41 – Fire!

In South Australia Colonel Light is under increasing pressure to identify the site for the capital and begin his detailed land surveys.  He is acutely aware of the impatience of the emigrants camped at Holdfast Bay and knows that they will soon be joined by hundreds more from the Buffalo. But he has been instructed [...]

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Week 45 – Journey’s end and new beginnings

Scene: Proclamation of South Australia

Christmas Day dawns fine and hot in the settlements, with the colonists in pensive mood.  Inevitably their thoughts turn to friends and family in England as they reflect on the very different circumstances of this first Christmas in South Australia. As usual Mary Thomas is the optimist.  She attends a makeshift church service in the [...]

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