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Liverpool is an English port city located on the Mersey Estuary in Lancashire, 176 miles (282 kilometres) north-west of London. The city is built across a ridge of sandstone hills on the eastern shore of the estuary. By the eighteenth century, Liverpool was a major port with trade from the West Indies, Ireland and Europe [...]

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Week 18 – the port of Rio

This week we see the Cygnet in Rio Harbour, where it has called to replenish stores and take on fresh provisions.  From the terse comments in Finniss‘ diary we are led to believe that the decision to call at Rio was taken by Kingston, perhaps acting on John Morphett’s advice, but against the wishes of the [...]

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Week 24 – Trouble on land and at sea

Scene: Mr Beares Tent

The initial excitement of arriving at their destination is dissipating fast as Captain Morgan, Samuel Stephens and the passengers confront the realities of their new situation.  Their first concerns are finding fresh water and providing for one of the passengers, Mrs Beare, who is described as being ‘in a deranged state of mind’. Getting her [...]

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