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Lighthouses are navigational aids used to mark dangerous stretches of coastline, hazardous shoals and reefs, and safe entries to harbours. The first known lighthouse was built at the entrance to Egypt’s Alexandria harbour in 280 BC. Initially fuelled by timber or coal, by the nineteenth century lighthouses had progressed to more reliable sources of fuel [...]

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Week 03 – Waiting on the wind

One week after the storm the Duke of York was still at the Isle of Wight, held there by ‘adverse winds’. Captain Morgan made use of the time to repair the ship and replenish his stores, providing fresh meat for both passengers and crew while he had the chance, but his passengers fretted at the delay.  He [...]

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Week 05 – the Cygnet sets sail

After four weeks at sea the poor passengers on the John Pirie and the Duke of York had barely left sight of land. But the capricious spring weather had not finished with them yet, as both vessels continued to battle gale force winds and high seas. The animals on board the John Pirie suffered greatly, and many of the [...]

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