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Week 29: Discipline and Punishment

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We visit the Africaine this week to meet young Margaret Clark. Margaret is a servant girl for the Gouger family and she often finds herself in trouble! This week is no exception as Margaret has just bitten another servant girl on the arm until she drew blood and left teeth marks in the girl’s skin. The captain decides to punish Margaret by ordering one of the stewards to cut off the hair from one side of Margaret’s head. Margaret, however, thinks that this is a huge joke and laughs and talks to the steward while he cuts her hair. Gouger plans to leave Margaret at the Cape of Good Hope under the protection of the Children’s Friend Society in exchange for another girl. Do you think these consequences¬† are appropriate¬† for Margaret’s behaviour? This week we will investigate discipline onboard our ships and find out what happens when passengers do not follow the rules.


Scene: hair cutting at sea

<p>hair cutting at sea. Edward Snell, 1849</p>

Inquiry Questions: