Friday 1 April 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

The wind at SE most of the ships in harbor got under weigh
I went on shore to foreward the trades people four came off and others
on shore fitting a chock for the windlass the blacksmiths doing thier
work allso the wind shifted again to the westward and the rain
fell in torents the vessel that went out returned gain to anchor I
have not had an oppertunity of meeting with Gods people in publick
but have dined with a pious family and read with a young christan
and had some profittable taulk with these pious people and hope
never to forget the kindness shown to me by the society in this
place and I do bless God for giveing me favour in the sight of
His people after getting on board assembled as many of the
crew as whould and read the word of God with prayers and sing
ing though to day I have had to bear with two of the crew
Batchlor and cleyton the cooper both went on shore to the doctor
haveing the foul diorder and got drunk to get them on board
I intreated at last I used great plainness of speach told them
the aufull responsability they stood as in regard to God and
man the pain of dying in the state they where in of Hell
and heaven till the people in the house told them I was
right and so they came with me O when will men be wise
and consider thier latter end

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