Friday 1 April 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

The beginning of last Night, was nearly a Calm, which
contd until 3, A,M, when a fine Breeze sprang up from
S,W, and the Sea is much fallen, but at Noon, the
Wind increased to a fresh Breeze, with hazy Weather,
and at 4, P,M, our Capt thinking we should not be far
from the Land, put the Vessel under snug Canvas, how-
-ever it clear’d up at 6, P,M, and we saw the Lizard
Point, about 15 Miles distant, but the Wind, now veer’d
round to North, and blew very hard, putting us under
close reef’d Sails, and preventing the Vessel getting
near to the Land  __________________

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