Friday 12 August 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

We had light variable Airs, and Calm’s, all Tuesday
Night, but on Wednesday Morng, a gentle Breeze, sprang
up from N,N,E, which kept increasing untill the Eveng,
and then blew very strong from N,E, causing a reef
to be taken in the Sails at 6,P,M,  ___  however at Noon
of Yestdy it lower’d a little, and in the Eveng became
quite moderate, since which time the Weather has been
uncommonly fine, but the Wind still remaining from
N,E, prevents us getting to our destination, which (with
a smart, favourable Breeze,) is only a Day’s sail off   ___
On Wednesday Eveng a Bird about the size of a Pigeon,
But with very long Wings & Bills, call’d by the Sailor’s
a Wide-a-wake, came and hover’d over the Helmsman’s
Head, for ½ a Minute, at the distance of about 2 Feet,
and then alighted on Deck, and Yestdy Evengfour
more, of the same kind of Bird’s, came and settled upon
the Sheep-Pen, seeming to have no fear whatever,
of Mankind, as they never attempt to fly, out of our
reach, when we go near them, but are quite unconcern’d,
and allow us, to handle them at pleasure   _____
Thos Waldron has contd very ill, since Tuesday,
but is a little more easy to Day   ________

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