Friday 12 August 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

12th Landed the remainder of Cargo Baggage &c from the Duke of York & took up my abode under my tent. Received remains of Cargo from L.M.P. with bill of Lading lists of stores &c to sign. Had a conversation with Capn Ross about his ship & candidly told him all that Chadwick had said to me. The Capn & I were very friendly & I by no means think matters stand exactly as represented by Chadwick. I question whether he be not himself the secret prompter & feeder of the evils of which he complains, & see no reason why the L.M.P. should not yet do well. The men were at work to day on some places for their more efficient temporary shelter. In the evening I had Mr Birdseye in my tent & arranged some papers connected with the L.M.P. fixed the prices at which our various provisions were to be charged, spoke to the men on the subject of our proposed issue of paper (which they do not seem to like at all) & requested them as I had no wish ever to see the Company’s promissory note positively refused to think over what I had said & let me know in a day or two whether they prefered their wages in Coin or in paper of the description I proposed to issue. After this Mr Birdseye requested me to listen to his statement of all the circumstances connected with his disagreement with Capn Ross & Mr Angas while at Liverpool, & at 20 minutes after Midnight he concluded.

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