Friday 15 April 1836

[, on board the wrote.]

This 24 hours light winds from the eastward
all posable sail set at 9 AM saw what we surposed
to be a wreck lowered a boat pulled towards it and
it proved to be a fishing boat with her mast struck
bore up and made sail ceveral sail in sight emp
loyd gitting up water  Lattd Obsd 47.55 N Long 7.20 West
In the morning had some sweet communion in
private prayer though in the day I felt some what tryed in
the everning assembled the people in the cabin which was
fillid read the 19 chapt of Exidous with the tract commentry
sung an hymn and praise God from whom all blessings
flow I had some taulk with a young christain friend
our hearts burned within us while we taulked with
Christ by the way

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