Friday 16 September 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

Friday. Septr 16. Moderate & fine. At 3, a sailor heaving the
lead in the main chains, fell overboard, & it was some
time before he was missed; the ship was then hove to, &
a boat lowered to look for him; but although a good
swimmer, he could not be found: blue-lights & muskets
were fired to enable the boat to reach the Ship again.
This unfortunate occurrence shed such a gloom over
all on board, that the intended visit of Neptune was
postponed. Wind S.S.E. Head S.W. Miles run, 106 + 4330
= 4436. Late 0E50′ South. Longe 19E12′ Wt. P.M. Moderate & fine.

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