Friday 24 June 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

There has been a clever Breeze, all last Night, and the
whole of this Day, from the NWestward    ____   This Morng
at Day-light there was a Vessel abreast of us, about 3 Mls
distant, and at 9, A,M, we hoisted our Colours, which were im-
mediately answer’d, but She being then a considerable way ahead,
very kindly hove-too, untill we got within hail of her, and
proved to be the Mary Bibby, of Liverpool, bound to Bom-
-bay, She was a neat little, full rigged Ship, and being
only in Ballast trim, sailed very fast, but they could
not give us any account, of the Lady Mary Pelham  ____
At 11, A,M, another Vessel came in sight, a great distance
Astern us, steering the same Course as ourselves,  ____
Those are the only Ships we have seen, since speaking
the Mary of Leith on the 4th Inst,  _________
This Morng at 8, O’Clock, the Jaw’s of our Main Gaff,
broke, but were replaced, and the Main sail set again,
before it was dark, in the Eveng __________

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