Friday 25 March 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

After commending my all to God and his grace
went to my days duty the wind from the SWd blowing
fresh gave the ship 20 fathoms more cable went on shore
with Mr Stevens went to the agent ordered a few neces
arys for the ship and passengers visited a pious fisherman
wife in our socierty and pertook of the humble fare the little
daughter made me a present of a little sunday school book
to rember Torbay I prayd with them and visited another
pious family read with them and went to class in the
everning we met at the preachers house six in number
I found it a blessing once more to meet with God people
on shore and to testify what God the Lord had done for
me temporal and speritual we sung two hymns and
I had my speritual strength renewed and mounted up
with eagles wings prayin for the Lord to keep me and
bless and make me a blessing I returned on board in peace
Mr Richards has bing sowing the seed on board I feel
anksious for a letter to know what the Lord is doing for
my partner I feel under the most indearing ties to an all
wise providence to God the God of providence and
father of our Lord Jesus Christ for bringing me into this
place when I might have bing tossing about but God
only knows what is before us therefore I commit all
into his care and keeping

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