Friday 29 July 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

Spent some hours in carefully examining the N.W. shore of the Bay for fresh water and left my men under Mr. Beare, to dig on the beach at what I thought the most likely spot. Returned to the ship, dined and set out in a boat with Capn. and 4 hands to trace the “Morgan” further up. We rowed till dark then rested made a fire and had coffee and supper at 10p.m. it being clear moon light pulled on again until prevented from working the oars by the quantity of dead timber laying over it, made 2 paddles out of the boat seat and pulled on again till ½ past 1a.m. when we were unable to get any further by reason of the dead timber, landed, tied the boat to a tree, made a fire, rested and had tea and coffee, then put our things under a tarpaulin, and set forth at ¼ to 2a.m.

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