Friday 3 June 1836

[, on board the wrote.]

To G F Angas Esqr At Sea June 3th 1836


It is with Feelings of some re
-gret I write you stateing the death of Mr I. Doine
Thompson on the 3d of May after about Four days
illness perhapes and I may say unwillingly the
effects of his own Imprudent conduct in a very
excessive use of ardent Spirits which Finally
so undermin’d the nervious system as to cause
Mental derangement in which State he died
every means being used so far as Judgement
and the nature of the circumstances would
afford to recover him but without effect, his
excitement of Mind being Such as to admit
of no Argument that would induce him to
think otherwise, than that he was Surrounded
by the Most horrid Forms and Wretched phan
toms hurrying him into an eternal world, To
this extreme had his Vicious Propensities been
carried, In Fact from the time the Ship left
the River Mersey until death put a period
to His existence, he may truly be said to have
Spent in a State of Intoxication and drunk’ness
clandestinly using alike every Spirit in the
Ship even to a whole case of Wine excepting about
three bottles and this in conjunct with the 3d
officer Mr Edmonds, both indeed were So insensible
to every motive of prudence and principle
that nothing seemed too base For them to ex
ecute, Whole Jars of pickles, Hams, cheeses, &c all
taken and used in the Same Secret
and Injudicious manner. So lost were the
to every Sense of Shame and humanity that the
Stock of the Company were used at pleasure Treated
in the most brutal Manner until Finally it was con
-sidered Necessary by the 3d Mate to dispense  with a
part altogether by throwing two of the Sheep dog’s
into the Sea during the night the passengers were
Insulted at pleasure and Mr Birdseye who shared
the Same fate threatened Still Further for the least
interference, an attempt being made to excite the crew
against that gentleman’s Wife by endeavouring to sully
her Reputation To this crisis had things come before
death put a period to So infamous a carreer, Since which
and not until Then did Things assume even a decent as
pect. Had Mr Thompson lived, there is no knowing what
might have been the result, consequently I have deemed
it an Imperative duty to convey you this Information
by the consent of Captain Ross by the First vessel in
Vindication of my own Character well knowing that
to that character and nothing else have I to look
forward For my future Support, the disposition
of the parties being of Such a Malignant nature as
to Wing their Shafts of Slander in all quarters I be
-lieve even towards myself previous to commencing
the Voyage an explanation of Which I hope you
will recieve From Mr Birdseye’s own hands how
-ever I trust their prejudice did not go So far
as to Succeed in their Villainous purpose, Merely
The effects of not Joining into Such discreditable
conduct, I have likewise to Infer that had it not
been For my own interference the greater part of
the crew would have been Induced to have acted a
part in the Same proceedings, Meeting every encourage
ment From them to Stimulate to the Same outrageous line
of conduct, However I am proud to Say that the Face
of Things is changed & I trust by Steady and persever
-ing efforts not only to Insure and preserve the peace
and comfort of all connected with the Ship as the
Interests of the company in return That their Very liberal
and generous conduct in the undertaking deserves &
again assure you that no efforts of my own Shall be
wanting as well as Stimulating others in Supporting
Captain Ross in the endeavour of effecting the end
intended by the Voyage & remain Sir Your’s with
every Sentiment of Respect

Very devoted Servt
Alexander Dawsey

On board the Ship
Lady Mary Pelham of the
Cape of Good Hope

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