Friday 6 May 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 hours light airs and calms with all draw
ing sail set employd as needfull a look out for
Whales saw none Lattd Obsd 4.00 N Longd 20.54 West
Read the scriptures after gitting up with prayer
and a short time after had to pass through another
scene likely to have given much pain a young man
son to a missionary in the east was batheing with
me over the quater of the ship carelessly let go the
rope knowing he could not swim which I did not
know he cryd out for me I see he was likely to
drownd I hove over an oar and jumped over board
and with the assistance of another young man
who jumped after me we held him up till
they lowered a boat and picked us all up
this young missionarys son is I believe a Christ
ain prays to God continually the Lord saved
him his cry was Lord save me or I perish
Dangers stand thick all around to push us
to the tomb – went down foreward and read
the 3d chapt of Hebs to the people and sung
an hymn and prayd with them that God
giveing seed to the sower whould give bread
to the eater that him that sowing and them
that eating may have thier fruit unto holy
ness and thier end everlasting life

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