Friday 8 April 1836

[on board the wrote.]

Liverpool 8th April 1836

Mr Angas


Previous to making any observations to your letter
of the 6th Inst I shall trouble you with such notes as I am fully able to
prove and be as brief as possible only referring to the facts in question. –
9th Feby 1836 Arrived in Liverpool, saw Capt Ross all appeared very
comfortable – at a future time in speaking of the sheep thought Capt Ross
consider’d them mine as he said there would not be room for them
asked him if he had not been acquainted with their going pr Lady
Mary Pelham before his leaving London he said yes, but he was
told by you there should be no obstruction fo whaling – he then & many
times since asked me if it was not a gross deception to him & others with
respect to the sheep – I answd it was his business not mine, & I was
sure you would not deceive him or any other person and I should
they might be taken on deck when we came in a S. Latitude as at that
time they were going below, he appeared very illnatured to me over
& over again at various times afterwards – The mates spoke of the
hardship of being deprived of taking a whale should they see one
this conversation has been so often repeated that I shall now
come to a particular morn, when I was informed if got two
of the eight sheep out I might think myself very well off –
made answer what really does all this mean, I hope you
do not consider the sheep are mine because if they did they
were mistaken thought then they beleived me, told the mates
in a conversation & the Capt the same at another time –
20th March on a Sunday was on board attending the sheep
the Capt came afterwards said the ship was too much
lumber’d on deck he was more like a Madman than a
man in his senses, he said she ought to have a Special
Survey – I said he knew I should be particular he was sure I should
not risk my & Mrs Birdseye’s life if I knew it, he said but he was responsible
for the whole ships lives – I reason’d with him as before & by telling him
that I could not help it, he said but I might have written to the Co
to that effect – answer’d it was not my place to do so, rather than
state what had occurred (from good feeling) I had got in disgrace by not
writing – Since the men have been engaged I have now full evidence
they have been given to understand the sheep were mine –
Heard of Mutiny took no notice of it thought it was only
sailors talk – since have heard they meant to take a fitting
night for the occasion to throw the Sheep &c overboard, or as
they termed it to dowse the dirt a term used for the sheep &c
Returned on Friday last – Capt Ross & me came ashore to inform
Mr Hurry of the return of the Vessel – whilst ashore they told
Mrs B. of what their intention would have been had they seen
a whale all of the sheep would have had bathe – Sunday afternoon
2nd April 1836 – I Mrs B & Pilot reading in Cabin a person
of the Name of Allen – his Wife & Niece strangers came in
afterwards and we were all in conversation when Mr Thompson
& Mrs Thompson Dawsey & Edmonds came in & complain’d
no boat was in attendance on the ship, abus’d Mr Hurry as
Agent for not sending one, I told them I was sure Mr Angas
would not allow such a thing on a Sunday, and also to con-
-sider the expense therefore they ought not to attribute any
blame to Mr Hurry they then spoke of how they had been treated
by the Co – I answer’d as before, they then all unask’d uncall’d
for before Mrs B – Allen wife &c spoke of the ship and said
it was a good job for us we were back again for had we shipp’d
another such a sea or if it had been in the Bay of Biscay or
near the Cape she certainly would never have risen again
When Edmonds spoke he laugh’d, I told him it was no laughing
matter it was a very serious assertion – I asked them then
a second time if unconnected with any other question
they meant what they had stated they said yes they did and
would state it all the world over I then made the Capt
acquainted with what had taken place, his answer was
you know what I said all along & I ought to have noticed it
before, I told him I did not pretend to understand anything
about a ship and it was his place if any body’s to have
done so – this conversation alarmed Mrs B & myself so
much she said she could not think of risking her life
I then came ashore to acquaint Mr Hurry as I thought
it my duty – Mr Hurry, Capt Landers & Myself met
on Monday Morn Allen who is Foreman to Messrs
Humble & Co Shipbuilders and has been a Capt himself
told Mr Hurry as above and had she been stowed properly
the hay might have been stowed between decks it was you
depend no opinion of mine – been very much teased with
the emigrants
6th April – Present Capt Landers &c Capt Ross said he beleived
still the sheep were mine and he was confirmed in that
opinion by Mr Wheeler not having given him any
a/c of them & therefore if hurt in any manner said he
was not answerable I now find the men have been
told the same story – I was very pleased he spoke of it
as it gave me the opportunity to get Mr Hurry to
contradict it – We are now out at Sea & as the Pilot
will be leaving us so soon allow me to say no individual
can feel what I have felt from your letter, which
without hearing both sides I consider both unjust
and not what I should have expected after all
my exertions here, have expected from you
but Sir I should certainly last night had there been
time and any one to take care of the Sheep have
come to London – as I and Mrs Birdseye my Wife in particular
feel keenly the contents I have now to state at no time
have I interfer’d with Ship – Captain, Mates or Crew but
have treated all in the same way that I beleive
any one would be capable of & have had in return from
all save one the same – ingratitude you speak of
I have attended at the Cos Office since Octr last &
now I have only time to add that
displace me when you please but consider me from
that time as having done all in my power for the good
of the Co.

I now remain

Your humble

But faithful Servant

Cornelius Birdseye

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