Friday 9 September 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

Friday           September 9th 1836
This 24 hours strong winds at times at ½ past 5 in the mor
ning I left the ship with one boat to procure some vegatable
to one of the sealers farms we rowed about 13 miles and
landed at the farm a most miseryable place We began
to dig pertatoes and percured about half a sack we got a few
turnips and some cabages seeing a sail off the farm I went
on board and found it to be the Cignet with 99 men women
and Children on board and the 100th born while on board
which was a girl this ship was to be here as soon as ourselves
but is 45 days after so much for bosting they have all bing preserved in
health and safety but curseing swareing on board in abundance
the surveyors where thankfull for my little services in pointing out to
them the harbour for which they where extremely wellcome

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