Friday 9 September 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

9th. Rose at 3 A.M. had a cup of tea and at a few minutes past 4 put off with Mr Dawsea & 5 hands for the well below Point Marsden taking a raft of casks in tow to fill with water. Landed at 15 minutes to 7 & soon after put off again with 3 hands (myself taking the steer oar) for the Lagoon Station. Made sundry arrangements there & returned reaching home at 10 Minutes to 1 P.M. very wet & very tired. At the well we left Mr Dawsea & 2 hands to fill the casks & remain there during the night promising to send the boat off to them in the morning. It blew very fresh from the S.S.E. & before I went to bed blew tremendously heavy from the E.S.E.

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