Friday 11 March 1836

[, on board the wrote.]

… after a nights preservation and blessed God for putting
… my mind to come here to anchor to …apt it
…ing hard from the westward in all His ways may
…ledge Him and in all my ways may He direct
… paths – I felt it a disappointment not receiveing a
letter from her I tenderly love the partner of my life …
sharer of my cares though so much absent from each other
which makes our parting so severly felt like cutting the
tender string of life or the divideing of vine and branch
I have wrote home but received no answer but belive all
will be well for time or Eternity thanks be to God and
His grace in the everning had family prayer read 22d
1 book of Kings and a short surmon with exhortation to
serve God after had some religious conferance

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