Monday 12 September 1836

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9 p.m. Monday, 12th September.

This morning Field and I started with the jolly-boat after breakfast to try our luck with the hook and line and in the course of two hours we caught sufficient fish for all hands. Among them were the Bream, Cavaheros Rock-Cod and a very curious looking fish called by our people “Parrot Fish”. They were a brown fish striped with yellow and sky-blue, in shape resembling the Bream with a skin as rough as that of the Dog-fish. These fish have teeth very much like cat’s teeth, of which they make pretty good use – one of them having bitten a piece out of the finger of one of our crew. We have not eaten of the last-named fish as I fear from their brilliant colours and strong smell they are not wholesome. The others proved excellent. After dinner we went on shore to pay a visit to our Surveying Party and returned on board to supper. Nothing new.

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