Monday 15 August 1836

[, on board the wrote.]

At 11, O’Clock, on Friday Night, we had a dead Calm, that
contd untill 6, A,M, of Saturday, when a gentle Breeze
sprang up from the Southward, but did not remain long,
and since which time, there has been nothing but Calm’s
with occasional light and variable Wind’s, untill Yestdy
at Noon, when a gentle Air sprang up, from the
Northward, that in the Eveng has gradually increased
into a clever little Breeze, but our Vessel was put
under easy Sail, the whole Night, on account of
being thought, not far from the Land, and accor-
-dingly at Day break this Morng, the West end
of Kangaroo-Island, was distinctly seen right
ahead, bearing due East, about 20 Miles distant.
One of the Ram’s has again refused, to take his
Provender, and has likewise got a very bad Eye,
the sight of which, I am afraid he will loss _____
Three of the Ewe’s, have wonderfully improved
within the last 10 Days, particularly the two, we
purchased at Dartmouth   ________
Thos Waldron has also got considerably better  __

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