Monday 16 May 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

The weather has been exceedingly hot, and sultry, since Sa-
-turday, having had almost a continual Calm, but at 6,
A,M, a gentle Air sprang up from N,N,W, which has
contd the whole Day  _____   On Saturday Night, and
last Night, there was a great deal of Lightning, with
a little Thunder, and some Rain, which is the first
we have had since leaving England, but at 5, P,M,
there was a heavy Shower, so that the Passengers got
a quantity to Wash their Clothing with   _________
At 9, A,M, saw a Vessel a long way Astern, for which
we shortend Sail, and at 4, P,M, she came up to us,
and proved to be a fine Dutch Barque, well Arm’d
call’d the Maria, and bound to Batavia, there were
several Soldiers on board of her   _________

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