Monday 22 August 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 hours light winds and clear weather
employd watering painting and other needfull
work the brig Rapid came into the bay
In the everning captn Ross attended read the
Psalms for the everning sung and prayed – though my
Head ac    my heart was at ease and warm towards
my creator his word healeth – It is painful to here of
the conduct of our colonian manager how he commits
himself where ever he goes drunkenness is his prevailing
sin and even leaves sailors to put him to bed
a man who has the care of thousands of pounds and
the wellfare of men whomen and children under
his direction the people on shore are like sheep going
astray drunkeness thieft & swareing are the prevailing
sins of this infant establishment and no one to say
and be faithfull that the land is poluted git thee
up hence – what will these poor degraded heathen
say see how these christains live how holy and
happy let me be a christain no no they cannot tell
the truth and say so – but still we hope thing may
have a turn they cannot last this way colonian manager

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