Monday 25 April 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

All this 24 hours light winds from the NEd all sail
set steering SW½S and SW by S employed drawing
and knoting yarns makeing senet boat sails
and grinding harpoons the cooper makeing line
tubs PM Obsd a distance between À and Å which
gives our Longd 23.59 West Lattd 25.52 North
In the everning exhoted the people to leave for a while
thare little foolish plan and attend to the most imp
ortant concern that of thier souls however not disturb
us good few came I read to them the 26th chapt of
Acts and a surmon on allmost being a christain
we sung two hymns and concluded with prayer
O that men where wise and whould consider
thier latter end no sooner than the storm is layd
than they forget and turn folloy

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