Monday 25 July 1836

[, on board the wrote.]

Weather cloudy, wind veering from N.W. to N.N.W.

Fidded top galt masts & prepared to weigh anchor.

P.M. The wind continued fresh from N.W. but it was de-

-termined to proceed to sea tomorrow, if it became no more

unfavourable. In the afternoon, the Governor’s sister & daughters

went to the Isle of Wight for a walk; in hoisting his eldest

daughter into the boat, the rope slipped from the mainyard, &

she fell partly in the boat & partly in the water, but was un-

-hurt: His Excellency, however, who was leaning on the rope at

the time fell from the Ship’s side into the boat, & was unfor-

-tunately a good deal bruised & shaken: his daughter being wet,

returned to the Ship. at 10, the boat returned to the Ship.

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