Monday 26 September 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

26 September-Light airs and cloudy. At nine we entered the mouth of the river; the first reach runs nearly N.E. and S.W. for about two miles –It is formed by a shoal from the shore on the eastern side, and an extensive sand bank on the west, which is dry at low water. The next reach runs easterly for about a mile after which it runs in a southerly direction for some distance. After passing the mouth of the channel, which is rather narrow with two fathoms on it at low water, we came into a good wide river with three or four fathoms water, excepting in the easterly reach where it again shoaled to two and half fathoms. This will make an excellent harbour at some future period; it is sheltered from every wind. After going some distance and finding it did not accord with Captain Jones’s description of the harbour he discovered, I determined on running higher up the Gulf and examining this place at a future period. I returned to the brig about five p.m.

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