Monday 27 June 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

At 11, O’Clock, on Saturday Night, the Gale lower’d into
moderate Wind, which lasted untill 9, O’Clock last Night,
and then suddenly came on to blow very hard from W,S,W,
which contd the whole Night, and causing our Vessel to be
again put under snug Canvas, however at 8, A,M, it lowerd
to a smart Breeze, that remain’d with us, untill 10, P,M,
and then died away into a light Air, but there is still
a strong Sea, and the Weather has come in very Cold,
these last 2 or 3 Days, accompd with pelting Showers
of Rain and Hail   __________    Mrs Chandler con-
-tinues getting worse every Day, in despite of all the
care and attention that is paid to her, for I am sure
She does not want any thing, that can be obtain’d on
board of this Vessel, which is thought advisable for her
to take, such as Gruel, Sago, Wine, Medicine &c,
but She is quite delirious at intervals, and the smell
that comes from her Breath, is uncommonly strong, and
most disagreeably sickening   __________

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