Monday 28 March 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

At half past 12 I told the pilot it was my opinion the
seacond anchor aught to be let go which he allso assented
he went foreward to let it go I heard the chain rattle thought
it was the seacond anchor gone but to my surprise it was
the cable broke from the stoppers and was running out I ran to
let go the other anchor but before I could let it go which
I did the first cable snaped we found the anchor did not
bring the ship up it now blew furiously and rained in torents
we still kept giveing ship cable the allalong saying the
ship was going on the rocks unless we cut away the mast
all hands must perish the anchor at last brought up the
ship we sent down the top Gt yards and mast now the
ring bolts that the stoppers was fast too drew up the pauls of
the windlass capsised and the chain hung by the main
mast and every heave the ship gave seemed anough to
snap the chain I gave orders to cut away the main mast
but an over ruleing providence prevented it about 4 AM
the wind suddenly shifted to the North and only
left us a heigh swell day light brought to our sight
one vessel close too us dismasted and two or three others on
shore we saw the one that passd us dash on the rocks
dureing the day more moderate secured the windlass
in the everning assembled the people together read 107
Psalm and spoke from the same and sung an hymn from
Oft has the sea confest thy power
And gave me back at thy command
the young man Glansford exchanged backsters call for
Jesus shewing mercy
I read a Psalm and lay down in peace and rest

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