Monday 30 May 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

There was a strong Breeze all last Night, from
E,S,E, and during which the Square-sail, & Jib, were
taken in,  and Main sail reef’d, as our Vessel labour’d very
heavy, against an uncommon strong head Sea, which
causes her to leak very much indeed,   ___   At 10, A,M,
while most of our People were assembled on the Quarter deck,
it being the dryest place on the Decks, Our Vessel was struck
by the Knot of a Sea, that came right over this favourite
Spot, giving all of us a regular good ducking, but the
poor Tom-Cat, got such a fright by the shock, as to jump
from the weather side of the Deck, clean over the lee Bulwark
into the Sea, where he met a water’y Grave   ________
At Noon the Wind became more moderate, and at 11, P,M,
after a pelting Shower of Rain, it shifted to about due
East, and clear Weather

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