Monday 4 April 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

At dawn of day I gave orders to the chief officer to get
up the seacond anchor he returned said the people
wished to speak with me after reading the word of
God as usall and commending my all to the God
of all grace I then went out to the people they
told me they whould not go out of the port
without monthly wages I said they aught to have
considered this before they signed articles I
asked them if they whould move the ship in
a safe place or a safe harbour they refused
to sail out of torbay Mr Stevens read the articles to them
Mr Stevens and myself went on shore for advice
from the agent came on board and offered
the people fivety pounds if they would proced
and if Whales came in the way to heave all
lumber over board that whould stop us Whale
ing for that was thier princable grevance but
they refused and whould not remove the ship
to a safe harbour Mr Stevens went on shore
went to Dartmouth and returned with Captn
Talbert of the royal navy and Mr Inkston
Loyds agent he had on his uniform with his
men with brace of pistols he called for me
to bring the articles and call the mens names
over I did so he asked the men if they signed
these articles which they replyd they did
he questioned them if they had any complaints
to make of my conduct towards them they
said no they where satisfied with the ship and
officers said the desipleing was good Captn
Talbert took Prichard the ringleader on shore with him
all the rest on board with the exception of Riley agreed
to go to thier duty – In the everning assembled the
people read the 64 Chapt by the Prophet Isaiah and
sung two hymns after went on shore attended the
family alter of pious Mr Fox he read the 14th chapt
of St John I concluded with prayer once more being
permitted to pray on old English ground came on
board read the word of God again and blessed God
for his goodness – O how little did I know when I
a woke this morning what was going to ocur but
as my day so has my strength bing my text to
day was Redeem Isriel O God out of all his trouble

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