Monday 5 September 1836

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Monday September 5th 1836
This 24 hours light winds with passing showers of rain.
In the morning sent a boat to fetch our water from the well
and another for the doctor of the Rapid to tend the sick
which he kindly offers his services to. I took a boat and went
to the Pellam has we have had no communication since
she returned. I found Captn Ross in difficulties only himself
to carry on the dutys of the Ship with one mate and him
abed sick the widow of the late chief officer in her cabin sick
allso and no doctor to attend them the Captn dissatisfied
with all round him. Thought what but the grace of god
makes me to differ in my mind and views of time and
things. I pray to god for grace and wisdom in His word
and that I may cling to it bless god for it love god for it
be humble before Him for it and live to Him for it and be
zealious to have it infused/circulated all around me and have it
grafted in my own heart and mind O how happy is
the youth that gits it bound about his neck and wrote
on the tablets of his heart by the finger of god how
many many troubles it saves him from and surports
him in blessed is such people yea blessed is the people
whose god is the Lord – Colonel Light visited us to day
and brought letters for England we foward them to Sidn
ey – the carpenter came on duty to day being about 4
months off Captn Martain has bing the instrument of
reconsileing partys on shore so as things has a better appearance
in the young settlement In the everning had a prayermeeting
4 prayed and two spoke of salvation by Jesus Christ

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