Monday 5 September 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

5th Rose & set the hands to work &c as usual – at ½ past 9 Mr Birdseye made his first appearance & was asked by Capn Martin (who was ashore with me by 10 M. P. 6 A.M.) to go on board. About ½ past 10 the Capn, Mr Beare & Mr Birdseye Put off & I followed soon after. Capn Martin by his exceedingly judicious behaviour to day has indeed rendered valuable service to the Company. Both the officers agreed to return to their duty heartily. I shook hands with them in the Cabin. We all returned to the shore together & they took tea & supper with me. On our return I had all the men called together & with my officers (for the first time) by my side gave them a short address in reference both to the past & to the future, gave them my rules & intentions as to their future Discipline, time of labour, general behaviour &c & they all retired pleasantly. James & Joseph Jones came in to ask for employment again. I allowed Joseph to return to his duty under his former agreement but James being a worthless fellow & this being a fair opportunity of setting a wholesome example, I would not receive him. I told him that if Mr Beare wanted an extra hand for a few days at any time he was at liberty to engage him at reduced wages & I would recover his advance as I might be able.

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