Monday 7 November 1836

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Monday, 7th November.

Just as I had received my letters this morning and was eagerly opening the first, a message arrived for me to attend a labour. Mrs. Hoare, a wife of a labourer. She is safely delivered of a fine boy who, at my request, is to be named “Rapid”. I was not detained long and again returned to read of all that was dear to me, and when I was assured of their welfare and health the happiness of that moment I would not have exchanged for millions. One of the labourers, Heath, in fighting, fractured the first metacarpal bone of the right hand. I have now reduced it and he is comfortable. Another man, Bristow, is under my care with a dreadfully inflamed finger from a fishbone wound. This shows a great disposition to slough and an amputation is not improbable. The “Africaine” left us this morning to join the “Rapid” at Holdfast Bay where she will discharge stores and passengers. Captain Light took a passage in her as the hatch boat is still detained at Kangaroo Island. The wind fell very light about mid-day and she is still in sight with very little probability of reaching her anchorage tonight.

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