Monday 8 August 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

8th. Continued landing cargo and lengthened store and commenced digging the well, offered to hire the boat from the Islanders to attend on us but as they were exhorbitant in their charge declined it. Most of the men are very troublesome, impertinent, idle and dissatisfied and it is all but impossible to keep them in anything like working trim. Mr. Beare is entirely occupied in attending on his wife who is quite deranged. Mr. Birdseye is consuming unnecessary time in making for himself a needlessly comfortable temporary dwelling. Mr. Shrevogel I am obliged to leave on board the Duke of York for sundry purposes. I have to bear up against all, and struggle with all both mentally and physically. I thank God however I feel cool, collected, determined and happy and doubt not we shall get all in good humour and better order before long. I receive considerable assistance from the Islander Mr. Wallan, who is really a worthy fellow.

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