Monday 9 May 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 hours gentle breeses from the S E
all sail set people employd variously 2 sail
in sight AM Obsd a distance between the À
and Å which gives our longd 20.9 West
Lattd 1.19 North
Commended my all to God in Christ in the
morning and went through the day stayd
on the promices of God in the evening the people
came aft to inquire if I whould let them go through
the usall costom of shaveing I told them I whould
not give my consent and stated the reason the first
was in a ship I was in when a boy we had one of the ablest
of the seaman drownded in drawing water to heave
over others the next was it was a beastly practice and
was attended in general with envy malice and other
ill consequences which I had known to create and
remain dureing a whole voyage  I whould not santion it
in the evening Mrs Richards, Glansford and myself had
prayers on the poop

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