Saturday 1 October 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

Oct 1st This Morng I got G. Bates to Saw off part of a
Horn, from One of the Merino Rams, in order to get at a Wound
that was underneath it, and which the Animal recd on the
first Day of being Tether’d by plunging about to get his
liberty, when the Cord slip’d under his Horn and cut his Neck
severely, since which time it has contd getting worse, on acct
of not being able to apply any remedy, for the above mention’d
piece of Horn being right upon the part most Wounded —
Powell and Chandler have been engaged at the new Fence, Yestdy
and to Day, while G. Bates has been employ’d among the
Stock and sometimes at the Fence, during all the Week, but
this Eveng left us to accompany Mr Stephens, on a visit
to the Main-Land with which he is well acquainted  _______

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