Saturday 13 August 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

Saturday, Augt 13. Light winds & fine. West. Close hauled. 3 Sail in sight.
Noon. Do Wr. Miles run, 1110 + 76 = 1186. Late 35E33′ No. Longe 16E26′ W.
Hove to, to pick up a beam of deal, covered in barnacles. Having obtain-
-ed permission, I leaped overboard in my clothes, & swam toward
the boat: some of my companions called out that a shark was
following me, so I got astride of the log, where the fish follow-
-ed me, but proved to be a few dolphins, attracted by the le-
-pas on the wood: after scraping them off, it was hoisted in.
P.M. Fine weather & light winds. Steering S.W. People very merry.

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