Saturday 13 August 1836

[, on board the wrote.]

This 24 hours light winds and clear weather
at half past 6 AM hove up the anchor and moved
the ship but came to anchor again for want of
water over the flats at 1 PM hove up again and
moved to a more convenent place for wood and
water we anchored in quater less five fathoms
and moored with a cadge the em[igrants?] have not
procured water yet they git it from our ship
we lay in a fine safe place off whare the tents are
In the everning had family prayer and our
services sprinkled with the blood of Jesus
The stew[ard] had to be reproved for drunkeness his
time has bing mostly devoted to the pasengers
To day is the first day I have had a little private
place to myself I hope to enjoy much of God in it

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