Saturday 17 September 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

From Rapid Bay we proceeded to a spot about nine
miles to the Northwd (up the Gulf) where we remained 4 days the
native name was Yankalila which the Colonel retained.
We were equally pleased with this spot as Rapid Bay. The
country presenting a park like appearance in rather disorder
from want of attention many spots completely ready for any agri-
-cultural purpose. We remained here but a short time the Colonel
being anxious to complete his examination. The first anchorage
after Yankalila we were greatly deceived in the appearance of
the country on a close examination which gave rise to the name
it now retains (Deception Bay) The next anchorage was off a low sandy
coast between us and it many shoals. Hill from the mast head aff-
-irmed he saw deep water within these shoals but how far it
extended could not say. In the morning the Colonel with Hill
in the Gig proceeded to the spot myself and two men in the Hatch
Boat (surveying boat) to follow. On getting into the deep
channel which we effected after sundry groundings, for a
distance of three miles in a Northerly direction we carried a
depth of no less than 2 fms. As the Colonel was anxious to
get to the head of the Gulf where we were given to
understand something better was to be found we returned
onboard again. __

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